The artificial patents in the PATSTAT database: How much do they matter when computing indicators of internationalisation based on worldwide priority patents?

Research Area: Scientometrics Year: 2018
Type of Publication: Article Keywords: R and D, technology, patents, internationalisation, indicators, firms
  • Patricia Laurens
  • Lionel Villard
  • Antoine Schoen
  • Philippe Larédo
Journal: Scientometrics Volume: 114
Number: 1 Pages: 91-112
Month: 1
This paper proposes to broaden by more than 10%—compared with the current practice— the set of applications for priority patents, which is used to compute worldwide patent indicators. This extension is made possible thanks to the inclusion in the corpus of documents used for the calculation of indicators of the first filing patent applications that are designated as "artificial priority patents" in the PATSTAT database and currently discarded for the production of indicators. This research aims to show how adding these "artificial" patent applications can modify the value of the worldwide patent indicators. Artificial patent applications have never been used before because they contain very scarce information in their original state.