CorText Geocoding service

Research Area: Spatial analysis Year: 2018
Type of Publication: Online source
  • Lionel Villard
  • Juan Pablo Ospina
Access date: 2019-08-21
In digitalized documents, especially those with texts, more than 70% contains geographical information. Nevertheless, a large proportion of this information are not formalized to be projected and manipulated on maps, and there are stored in various forms (Hill, 2006): pictures of places, toponyms in full text documents, addresses, structured metadata or, finally, geographical coordinates. Adding a layer of geographical information in an understandable way for computational treatments is a vast research field (since the 1980s), which has produced different set of methods: Geotagging, Geolocation, Georeferencing, Toponyms detection in full text, and Geocoding. We are focusing, here, on geocoding. But in Cortext Manager, you are also able to extract toponym names with Name Recognition Entities script (identification of toponyms with GPE), which is a Natural Language Processing method based on language rules, with the use of contextual information to disambiguate toponyms. The two scripts can work one (NRE with toponyms extraction) after the other (Geocoding addresses).