Streams of Media Issues, Monitoring World Food Security

Research Area: Text analytics Year: 2011
Type of Publication: Research Report
  • David Chavalarias
  • Jean-Philippe Cointet
  • Lise Cornilleau
  • Tam Kien Duong
  • Andreï Mogoutov
  • Lionel Villard
  • Camille Roth
  • Thierry Savy
Institution: Presented at the United Nations
This platform is a monitoring system for large corpora of press articles. It has been applied to a French-speaking corpus dealing essentially with food security. While the platform can be used as a simple browser, it also provides a series of analytical tools: by exploiting semantic dynamics, it is able to identify main media issues on a given topic. The specific instance of the platform which is being presented here depicts both the evolution of these food security-related issues in the 2000s and their geographic features on a global map.