Nanotechnologies and geographical concentration of the production of knowledge

Have a look at the great scientific and technical dynamics that are operating (see video) in yhe field of nanotechnologies. In a world of global trading, the role played by geographical areas in the dynamics of localization does not seem very important. Yet, the production of knowledge in the field of nanotechnologies is concentrated in some particular areas (clusters).

This question is raised through different aspects:

  • Scientific and technical issues related to the scientific and technical field in nanotechnologies
  • Concentration of activity in specific areas (clusters) that produce most of the knowledge
  • International collaborations being developed between those areas

Nanotechnologies are one of the most important fields of investment in sciences and technologies with a large potential of application. In the “flat world” of globalization, 203 clusters centralize the production of knowledge not only in the triad (US, Japan, Europe) but also in China and in the "Asian Tigers".

Dim lights

Text by Sciences, technologies and visualizations, translation by Hélène Hirsinger